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Privacy Information:

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, passed by Congress in October 1998, requires the Federal Trade Commission to issue and enforce children's online privacy protection rules. Whether or not they actually are enforcing these rules is another matter. But, since we strongly agree that online privacy and children's safety are laudable goals, we've outlined our privacy policy that applies to all content on the Professor Astronomy website. To jump to the information specific to the privacy of children under age 13, click here.

I apologize that most of the following is quite dull.

Collection of Personal Information collects the following forms of personal information: does NOT place cookies (though we like to eat cookies, especially fresh-baked Toll House cookies). However, the blog is hosted by, and they may well place cookies. To learn about cookies and, should you desire, how to keep cookies off of your computer, read the website.

Use of Personal Information

Contact information from emails sent to may be used for any necessary correspondence between the operators of and the submitter. This information is not stored once correspondence is complete, and it is not passed on to any third party.

On occasion, the operators of may desire to identify a reader in the blog or on the website. In such a case, written/email permission will be requested by the administrators from the individual, and no information will be released without the express permission of the individual.

The automatically-collected information on the operating system, browser, IP address, etc. of the viewer may be used by the web server administrators to determine website usage, means of improving our web service, and other computer system administration. This information is also collected by Google Analytics. This information is used for analysis that is useful in determining our readership demographics (such as readership trends, number of repeat visitors, from what webpages and internet searches people arrive, etc.) for the sole purpose of improving our services. We don't use the service to try and identify visitors.

Since some data are collected by Google for us, you may want to read their privacy policy.

Release of Personal Information to Third Parties

Beyond the demographics data collected by Google Analytics, we don't release any personal information to any third party, with the following exceptions:

No personal information whatsoever on children age 13 and under will ever be released to a third party nor displayed on the website (with the possible exception of a valid warrant or subpoena). No way, no how.

Specific Information On Children's Privacy

In addition to the above information, the following information applies to children under the age of 13:

We encourage you to learn more about protecting children and their privacy on the Internet. Sources for such information include the Center for Democracy and Technology and the Federal Trade Commission.

Any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy? Our contact information is below.


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