Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a real astronomer?
  2. Yes. I work as a research associate at the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory

  3. Are you a real professor?
  4. No. Not yet, anyway.

  5. Isn't it false advertising, then, to call yourself "Professor Astronomy?"
  6. Well, not really. I like to think of it as taking on the pedagogical role of professor, voluntarily assuming the mantle of educator to the public, only without the salary. Or something like that.Fair enough. Would you help me with my homework?

    Maybe. I won't do your homework for you, so please don't send me your homework questions and hope that I'll answer them for you. But I am willing to help point you in the right direction and to try and clear up questions you may have.

  7. I sent you an email two days ago and you haven't answered. What gives?
  8. I can be slow in answering email. Maybe I'm traveling, maybe I'm extraordinarily busy, maybe I've been swamped with email, maybe I'm being lazy. I will read all the email I receive, but I can't promise to answer them all.

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